Greek Authorities Issue Travel Advisory Due to Severe Floods

Serious floods have hit Greece, resulting in one fatality and extensive damage to homes and roads in the central city of Volos.

The relentless rain and thunder persisted for a duration of 10 hours. On Skiathos Island, cars were swept away, and houses and hotels were submerged in water. Furthermore, in the Ilia district, farmers’ crops were completely decimated by hail.

Authorities have issued a warning to avoid traveling across the country, particularly in the Magnesia region and some Aegean Sea islands, as rain continues to fall for nearly a day.

Mayor Achilleas Beos of Volos has urged residents to stay at home, stating, “I implore everyone to remain indoors and witness the events unfolding outside.

I have been cautioning you since yesterday that the entire city will be flooded, and we are unable to go out and provide assistance. The severity of the flooding is beyond our control.”

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