President Hassan was presented with the results of the attack on Jale Siad College

July. 29 ( – The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, last night had a special meeting with military officers, where he discussed several issues, the most important of which was the attack by Al-Shabaab last week on the campus of Jale Siyad College.

The president, who was out of the country at the time of the attack, but has now returned, called an emergency meeting last night with government security officials, talking about security, the fight against Al-Shabaab and other issues.

Reliable sources told the local media that the president was given a preliminary report on the nature of the attack, the damage caused and the details of the suicide bomber, including how he hit his target.

President Hassan is said to have instructed the military commanders he met with to take responsibility for the failure of the attack, and demanded that the training be ended immediately so that it can be shared with the public and that a private person should take responsibility for the security failure.

The explosion at Jaalle Siyad College, which killed many soldiers of the Somali government military forces, was carried out by a person who stole the bomb jacket, who entered the camp and then targeted the soldiers, while they were in a long queue.

The forces that were bombed belonged to the 14th October Brigade, which is based in the city of Marka, and questions were raised about whether the Al-Shabaab group worked with the explosion, as Jaalle Siyad College is a protected area.

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