Senegal: Ousmane Sonko was arrested at his residence

Ousmane Sonko was arrested at his residence in Dakar on Friday, accused of “mobile phone theft” and “incitement to insurrection,” according to one of his lawyers.

Ousmane Sonko was detained at his residence in Dakar on Friday, July 28, before being transferred to the General Affairs Brigade of the Dakar Court. He is being prosecuted for “mobile phone theft” and “incitement to insurrection,” confirmed by one of his lawyers, as learned by .

These reasons were confirmed by the Attorney General of the Republic in a press release, in which he describes elements “constituting criminally punishable acts,” including “acts, statements, writings, and images.” The prosecutor informs of the opening of a “comprehensive investigation for various offenses and crimes” against Ousmane Sonko and any other individuals involved.

Prior to his arrest, Ousmane Sonko had announced on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon that security forces were stationed outside his residence 24/7. He also claimed to have taken the phone of a gendarme who was filming him.

In a press release, his party, Pastef, demanded his immediate release and called on party supporters to mobilize to “constitutionally resist this arrest.”

Ousmane Sonko was sentenced to two years in prison on June 1 for “corruption of youth.” According to his lawyers and jurists, this makes him ineligible for the 2024 presidential election. His conviction was followed by violent protests in several cities in Senegal in early June, which resulted in at least 16 deaths, according to authorities.

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