The number of bombings of a restaurant in Kramatorsk is increasing

A Russian attack on Tuesday against a restaurant in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, left at least eight dead and 56 wounded, according to a new report released Wednesday by emergency services.

Author Hector Abad and two other Colombian personalities, including a journalist from APF, were present. Follow hour by hour the development of the situation in Ukraine and Russia.

6:33: At least eight dead and 56 injured in the bombing of a restaurant in Kramatorsk . A Russian attack on Tuesday against a restaurant in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, left at least eight dead and 56 wounded, according to a new report released by emergency services.

Among the dead are three children, Ukraine’s state emergency service says on Telegram. “Rescuers are digging through the rubble of the destroyed building and looking for people who are likely to be under the rubble,” he added.

4:22 a.m.: Taiwan detects two Russian warships off its coast

Taiwan spotted two Russian frigates off its east coast on Tuesday, deploying surveillance vessels and aircraft to investigate their movements, the island’s defense ministry said.

The Russian boats were “discovered sailing north to south in the waters off our east coast” at 11 p.m. local time (1500 GMT), the ministry said in a statement. The autonomous island monitored the movements of these two buildings, “deployed aircraft and ships and (activated) missile systems on the coast to stand guard”.

If Taiwan almost daily reports the presence of Chinese boats near its waters, it is unusual with Russian vessels.

03:01: at least four dead in the Russian attack on a restaurant in Kramatorsk

“Four people, including a 17-year-old girl, were killed,” the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office said on Telegram. Emergency services reported 47 injuries. “The battle caused a fire. There may be people under the rubble. The final number of victims remains to be determined,” the prosecutor’s office said.

The strike destroyed the Ria Pizza restaurant, an establishment in the center of Kramatorsk that was popular with journalists and soldiers. According to Ukrainian police, Russia fired two S-300 surface-to-air missiles at this city, which had a pre-war population of 150,000 and remains the only major urban area still under Ukrainian control in the east of the country.

01:18: Writer Hector Abad and two other Colombian personalities, including a journalist from France 24, were present during the strike in Kramatorsk

Three Colombian personalities, including famous writer Hector Abad, were present during the bombing, which targeted a crowded restaurant in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, on Tuesday night.

“While we were having dinner at the Rai Pizzeria restaurant with Victoria Amelima, an extraordinary Ukrainian writer, and the great (Colombian) journalist Catalina Gomez, the restaurant was the target of a Russian missile attack,” reads a statement signed by Hector Abad and Sergio Jaramillo.

An internationally known writer, Hector Abad is notably the author of “The forgetting that we will be”, a literary success from which a film was made in 2020. Sergio Jaramillo, a Colombian politician, was one of the main negotiators of the peace agreement signed in 2016 with the Marxist Farc guerrilla. Catalina Gomez is France 24’s Ukraine correspondent in Spanish.

Sergio Jaramillo has a bruised leg, while Hector Abad and Catalina escaped unharmed, according to France 24 Bogota. The Ukrainian Victoria Amelima “is in critical condition, wounded in the skull”, the text adds.

Hector Abad and Sergio Jaramillo, sympathizers of the Ukrainian cause, stayed in eastern Ukraine to “express to the Ukrainian people the solidarity of Latin America against barbarism and the illegal invasion led by Russia,” adds the text, which emphasizes that “attacks against civilian places is a barbaric act”.

12:09: NATO ready to defend itself against “Moscow or Minsk”

NATO is ready to defend itself against any threat from “Moscow or Minsk,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after Belarus announced it would welcome Wagner’s boss, Evgeny Prigojine.

Jens Stoltenberg indicated that NATO would decide to strengthen its defense systems during an upcoming summit in mid-July in Lithuania to protect all its members, especially those that share a common border with Russia and Belarus.

At least four people were killed and 47 injured in a Russian rocket attack that hit a restaurant in central Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine.

After his failed rebellion, the leader of the Wagner group Evguéni Prigojine is doing well in Belarus, said President Alexander Lukashenko, who assures that his country will benefit from the “experiences” of the fighters of the Russian private militia.

With AFP and Reuters

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