ECOWAS meeting on the Niger coup, junta open to dialogues

The ultimatum from ECOWAS to the Nigerien junta expired on Sunday. The West African organization threatens military intervention if President Bazoum is not reinstated.

The coup leaders have announced the closure of the Nigerien airspace in anticipation of a possible intervention. The Prime Minister of the Nigerien government, Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou, states that the military is requesting a dialogue with ECOWAS.

In Senegal, there is finally news of Ousmane Sonko. The opposition member who has been in prison for over a week was on a hunger strike. According to his party, he was taken to the emergency room on Sunday. The government provided reassuring updates on the opposition member in a press conference this afternoon.

The Turkana desert region in northern Kenya has been particularly affected by the drought of the past three years. Up to 90% of water sources have dried up, and hundreds of thousands of livestock have died. In this county, 77% of the population lives below the poverty line… and cannot afford to buy food. However, there is a solution that could help the Turkana people: the region is home to the 4th largest lake in Africa… rich in fish.

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