Death Toll Surpasses 2000 in Devastating Moroccan Earthquake

The powerful earthquake in Morocco has now claimed the lives of 2,012 people, as reported by Reuters. The number of injured individuals currently stands at 2,059.

According to the US Geophysical Institute, the epicenter of the earthquake registered a magnitude of 6.8. It was located southwest of Marrakesh, approximately 320 km south of the capital city, Rabat.

The National Center for Scientific and Technical Research in Rabat stated that the earthquake had a magnitude of 7 and its epicenter was in Al Haouz province.

Media reports in Morocco indicate that this is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the country. Numerous videos shared on social networks and eyewitness accounts highlight the significant material damage caused in several cities.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake, families in Marrakech have been forced to spend another night outdoors. This earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.8, has resulted in over 2,000 fatalities.

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