ECOWAS ultimatum has expired, Nigerian airspace closed.

The military who have taken power in Niger have closed the country’s airspace “in the face of the threat of armed intervention.” Since midnight on Monday, the West African ultimatum demanding the restoration of ousted President Bazoum has expired. Follow the situation in Niger live.

For a week now, the Nigerien capital has been experiencing significant power outages, a direct consequence of regional sanctions following the coup on July 26. On Wednesday, Nigeria announced that it would cut off electricity supply to its neighbor, in line with the sanctions imposed by the West African neighbors of Niger.

Under normal circumstances, Niamey already faces regular power outages due to network failures.

Niger closes its airspace

The military who have taken power in Niger have closed the country’s airspace. “In the face of the impending threat of intervention from neighboring countries, the Nigerien airspace is closed (…) until further notice,” a statement from the National Council for the Safeguard of the Republic (CNSP, which has taken power) reports.

This statement was published shortly before the expiration of the ultimatum on Monday at midnight Niamey time (11 PM GMT), issued on July 30 by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to the military to reinstate President Bazoum or face armed intervention.

The CNSP states that “any attempt to violate the airspace” will result in a “vigorous and immediate response.”

It also states that a “pre-deployment for intervention preparation has been made in two countries in Central Africa,” without specifying which ones. “Any involved state will be considered as a co-belligerent.”

Key events on August 6

About 30,000 supporters of the coup in Niger gathered on Sunday in Niamey, a show of force hours before the expiration of a West African ultimatum calling on the military who have taken power to reinstate ousted President Bazoum or face the use of “force.”

This show of force occurred on the day of the expiration of the ultimatum set on July 30 by ECOWAS for the military who have taken power to reinstate President Bazoum.

AFP and Reuters

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