Free cereals to 6 African countries: Putin pledges up to 500,000 tons of complimentary grains

The Russia-Africa Summit, held in Saint Petersburg since Thursday, is primarily “a business forum,” explains ‘s correspondent on-site.

“A significant number of contracts were signed yesterday and will be signed today: ranging from nuclear to civil aviation in Burkina, to customs in Ethiopia… deals in absolutely all areas between Russia and Africa,” says Caroline Dumay, who counted 64 contracts signed on Thursday alone.

The Russia-Africa Summit, which commenced in Saint Petersburg on Thursday, has primarily served as a platform for business opportunities between Russia and African nations. The event has witnessed the signing of numerous contracts across various sectors, ranging from nuclear energy to civil aviation and customs.

Caroline Dumay, a correspondent present at the summit, highlighted the significance of the signed agreements. She reported that a substantial number of contracts were inked on Thursday, with a total of 64 deals being finalized. These agreements encompass a wide array of areas, reflecting the diverse nature of cooperation between Russia and African countries.

One notable contract pertains to the nuclear sector, with Russia and Burkina Faso collaborating on nuclear energy projects. This agreement holds immense potential for Burkina Faso, as it seeks to expand its energy capacity and reduce its reliance on conventional sources. Additionally, the summit has paved the way for partnerships in the civil aviation industry, with Russia and Ethiopia signing a contract related to customs operations. Such collaborations are expected to enhance trade and transportation links between the two nations.

The wide-ranging contracts signed at the Russia-Africa Summit exemplify the comprehensive nature of the partnership between Russia and African countries. These agreements span across various sectors, including infrastructure development, energy, agriculture, and technology. By diversifying their collaboration, Russia and African nations aim to foster sustainable economic growth and mutual prosperity.

The summit has provided a valuable platform for African leaders and Russian officials to engage in productive discussions and negotiations. The event has facilitated the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and best practices, thereby strengthening the ties between Russia and Africa. Furthermore, the summit has served as a testament to the growing interest of both parties in deepening their economic and political cooperation.

In addition to the business aspect, the Russia-Africa Summit has also focused on addressing key challenges faced by the African continent. Discussions on security, peacekeeping, and conflict resolution have been held, reflecting Russia’s commitment to promoting stability in Africa. The summit has provided an opportunity for African leaders to express their concerns and seek Russia’s support in resolving regional issues.

The Russia-Africa Summit has undoubtedly been a significant milestone in the partnership between Russia and African countries. The numerous contracts signed during the event demonstrate the commitment of both parties to expanding their economic cooperation.

By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, Russia and Africa aim to foster sustainable development and create new avenues for growth and prosperity.

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