Harsh sentences were imposed on Hodan district officials who were working with Al-Shabaab

Nov 12 (Jowhar.com) – The armed forces court today handed down harsh sentences to the officials of the Hodan district administration who were arrested for working with the Al-Shabaab group.

These members, who are both men and women, their judgments were as follows;

1- Abdirahin Mohamed Osman Jimale (Maruf) was in charge of the Khawarij transmission of information and information to members working in the districts such as Dayniile, Yaaqshid, Hilwaa, Hodan, Hawl-Wadaag. Maruf was arrested on June 14 this year by the National Security Agency at Bakara market.

His computer was found with the list of information and telephone numbers of Sharif Noor Awliyo and Abdi Ali Tabliq and other members of the Absentee that he was the leader of.

2- Sharif Nur Ali Adan Ayaanle (Sharif Owliyoo) who was the chairman of the October department of Hodan District was arrested for passing information and information to members of the government working in Hodan District. The court sentenced him to eight years in military prison.

3- Gabriel Abdullahi Ali Adow (Sheikha) is also the Khawarij in charge of the group’s Dissemination of Deviant Thoughts, and he received training on the rebels in Sakow, and was one of the spies of the militia hiding in Mogadishu, and the court sentenced him to eight years. in a military prison.

4- Abdi Ali Ibaar Wardheere (Tabliq) was the leader of the Khawarij Department of Information Submission in Darussalam and Arafaad area, while he was passing on information about the explosions in those areas. The court sentenced him to five years in military prison.

5- Anab Hussein Omar Fidow used to send information to Abdirahin about Hodon District and the Party Headquarters, and she also supported the Khawarij on social media, especially Fecbook. The court sentenced him to one year in military prison.

4 of this group were also sentenced by the Court to three years in prison.

6- Awil Jama Abdulle Hireey.

7- Rahma Abdishakour Ali Mumin (Sandhere)

8- Mohamud Ahmed Siad Barre (muscle)

9-Sharma’arke Musa Ismail Araale

While Asili Mohamed Dhicisow Farah and Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim (Hasan Kacan) were acquitted of any crime, the court released them.

This judgment was shared with the media by Major General Hassan Ali Noor Shute, the President of the Court of First Instance of the Armed Forces.

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