In the press – Sweden’s accession to NATO: “The carpet dealer’s discussions with Erdogan, it’s over”

On the front page of the press, this Tuesday, July 11, Turkey says “yes” to Sweden’s accession to NATO, whose summit in Lithuania begins today. Two investigations by the French press on the shores of the Mediterranean. And the rage of a business class passenger on a United flight.

On the front page of the press, Turkey says “yes” to Sweden’s accession to NATO, whose summit in Lithuania begins today.

After blocking it for months, Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan has finally accepted Stockholm’s NATO membership. The decision was sealed with a handshake, on the front ofThe evening newspaper, between the Turkish President and the Swedish Prime Minister, under the gaze of NATO’s Secretary General.

A “historic” moment, according to the Swedish newspaper, which welcomes the “turn around” in Ankara. Swedish daily newspaperanother Swedish daily, says it is relieved to finally see “the year of discussions like carpet traders” coming to an end, with the Turkish president, whom the paper refuses to give any credit, maintaining that the country that played the most decisive role in this affair was Norway – who would have “pushed Sweden to the finish line”.

Daily Sabah notes that Stockholm has pledged not to support Kurdish and Gülenist “terrorist organizations” in exchange for its membership. The paper also mentions the US commitment to sell the F-16 to Turkey. According to Ankara, this sale would have been a decisive element of Ankara’s face Washington Postwho claims that “behind all his public uproar” was Recep Tayip Erdogan’s “most important” request for these F-16s.

The other major issue of this topic at this summit concerns the accession of Ukraine, which continues its counter-offensive against Russia. The Russian opposition side Medusawhose journalists work in Riga and the independent site Mediazone, in Moscow, publishes the most serious investigation to date into Russian human casualties in Ukraine. At least 47,000 Russian soldiers are believed to have died in battle – figures the Kremlin refuses to comment on.

The war in Ukraine, and its consequences for Russia, can also be read in The world, with an examination of how European sanctions have increased scientific cooperation with Russia. In particular, the newspaper cites the figure of 65 collaborations stopped, overnight, by the CNRS, the French public research organization.

This morning, the French press publishes two other investigations on the shores of the Mediterranean. The first is published by Humanitywho claim that the Libyan coast guard fired on members of the NGO SOS Méditerranée, which helps migrants, while they were in the middle of a rescue operation at sea.

On the other side of the Mediterranean, both near and far, Release recounts the misadventures of a luxury hotel, the Maybourne Riviera – a glazed cube on a rocky outcrop in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin on the Côte d’Azur.

This pharaonic project by the Qatari royal family was inaugurated with much fanfare a year ago and continues to be talked about… but not for good reasons. It is a matter of complaints from local residents, violations of the urban planning law and an investigation launched by the court in Nice.

That Guardian reports that a United Airlines flight from Houston to Amsterdam had to be diverted to Chicago after a business class passenger flew into a rage. His choice of meal was unavailable – the poor man or woman, we don’t know, was reduced to choosing between a roast rib, seared lemongrass salmon or a ricotta salad and wild honey pasta. Life is hard.

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