Liberia: Boakai Playing ‘Game’

Mark N. Mengonfia — Since the signing of the resolution for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia by members of the National Legislature, many continue to wonder as to why President Joseph NyumaBoakai is yet to sign the eight page-page document making it a law.

Recently, members of the Liberian Legislature acted on a Joint Resolution calling for the establishment of a War and Economic Crime Courts.

Since majority members of the Legislature signed the resolution over two weeks ago, President Joseph N. Boakai is yet to take any major decision on the document.

The Liberian leader has repeatedly said the establishment of a tribunal to try those who committed crimes during the war years to account for their actions.

During his induction, the President told Liberians and the world over that his government would prioritize the court.

Among other things, President Boakai said, “We must, accordingly, reset the fight against corruption and impunity to demonstrate firmness and resolve.”

He added, “We have decided to set up an office to explore the feasibility for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court (WECC) to provide an opportunity for those who bear the greatest responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity to account for their actions in court.”

Almost 100 days ago, the Liberian leader spoke about he and his team’s decision to set up an office to ‘explore feasibility’ for said action.

But a Joint Resolution which was sent to the President’s office two weeks now, he is yet to take any decision on it.

Addressing Executive Manson Reporters, the Presidential Press Secretary, Kula Fofana said the President along with his team is reviewing the document forwarded to him by the Legislature.

According to her, when he is done with the review, action will be taken. The Presidential Press SG did not say what time the President would exactly act on the document.

Since the signing of the document, Liberians who lost their relatives or who are direct victims of the war have expressed joy that the act of impurity will soon end. It will not end until the willpower is given by the Liberian leader.

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