Liberia: Dismissed EPs Agents Give Ultimatum

Amid escalating tensions, a group of 300 armed dismissed presidential officers has issued a stern ultimatum to the Boakai government, demanding payment for their unjust termination within one week or face dire consequences.

The officers, formerly part of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) and well-trained in security protocols, alleged unlawful dismissal by EPS Director Sam Gaye, leaving them disgraced and embittered.

In a bold statement on a local radio broadcast, the group’s spokesperson defiantly declared their readiness to take action should their demands not be met. Despite reports of impending police intervention, the spokesperson remained resolute, displaying his firearm and emphasizing their determination to secure fair compensation.

The situation quickly escalated as police attempted to apprehend some of the officers, resulting in street clashes and arrests.

As tensions mount, sources suggest that the remaining aggrieved officers are prepared to resist further arrests and defend themselves if necessary, raising concerns about potential violent confrontations in the capital city of Monrovia.

The standoff highlights the urgent need for dialogue and resolution to prevent further escalation of hostilities between the disgruntled officers and law enforcement authorities.

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