Red Cross visits hundreds of detainees in Las Anod

The Red Cross, an international humanitarian organization, recently visited hundreds of detainees in the city of Las Anod. This visit aimed to assess the conditions of the detainees and provide them with necessary assistance.


Las Anod, located in the Sool region of Somaliland, has been a focal point for conflicts and political unrest in recent years. As a result, the number of detainees in the city has increased significantly.

The Red Cross recognized the need to address the welfare of these individuals and took action to ensure their wellbeing.

During their visit, Red Cross representatives met with detainees in various facilities, including prisons and detention centers.

They conducted interviews, assessed the conditions of the facilities, and provided medical aid and other assistance to those in need.

One of the primary concerns addressed by the Red Cross was the health and wellbeing of the detainees. They provided medical supplies, conducted health checks, and offered medical treatment to those requiring it.

Additionally, the Red Cross distributed hygiene kits, including soap, toothbrushes, and other personal care items, to improve the overall sanitation and cleanliness of the facilities.

Furthermore, the Red Cross also focused on the mental health of the detainees. They organized counseling sessions and provided psychosocial support to help individuals cope with their situation.

Detention can be a traumatic experience, and the Red Cross recognized the importance of addressing the emotional needs of the detainees.

The visit also allowed the Red Cross to establish communication with the detainees’ families. They facilitated the exchange of messages and ensured that families were aware of the wellbeing and whereabouts of their loved ones.

This connection between detainees and their families can provide a sense of comfort and support during difficult times.

The Red Cross’s visit to Las Anod signifies the organization’s commitment to upholding human rights and promoting the wellbeing of detainees. They highlighted the importance of treating detainees with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances.

The organization’s efforts in Las Anod are part of a broader initiative to ensure the wellbeing of detainees globally. The Red Cross has a mandate to visit detainees in various countries, monitor their conditions, and advocate for their rights. By providing assistance and support, they strive to improve the lives of detainees and contribute to their eventual reintegration into society.

The visit to Las Anod also sheds light on the larger issue of detention conditions in conflict-affected regions. It emphasizes the need for governments and international organizations to prioritize the welfare of detainees and work towards implementing humane and fair treatment.

In conclusion, the Red Cross’s visit to hundreds of detainees in Las Anod marks an important step towards improving their conditions and ensuring their wellbeing.

By providing medical aid, psychosocial support, and facilitating communication with families, the Red Cross has demonstrated its commitment to upholding human rights and promoting the dignity of detainees. This visit serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to address the issue of detention conditions globally.

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