Strict Control of Gas Stations in Effect After Deadliness of Explosions in Romania Triples

The investigation into the serious incident at a gas station in Romania continues.The two explosions on Saturday killed three people and injured nearly 60, many of them seriously.

The Romanian Prime Minister ordered immediate checks after reports that the gas station was unlicensed. According to preliminary information, the cause of the accident was a lit cigarette.

Two firefighters, injured after the powerful explosions, are already being treated in Belgium. Yesterday evening they landed at the Melsbroek military base and were then taken to a military hospital in one of the suburbs of Brussels.

The two firefighters have burns on their hands and faces, the Belgian health facility offers care that is not available in Romania.

According to the head of the burn unit, time is of the essence for these injuries, the sooner treatment begins, the better. His predictions for the two Romanian firefighters are optimistic.
“The patients did well on the transport from Bucharest.

They were very stable during the flight. Their treatment is ongoing. Considering their age – they are young people, they were wearing good protective clothing, their injuries are limited, but still, they are in critical condition,” said Dr. Thomas Rose, chief of the burn unit at the military hospital.

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu will order an inspection of all gas stations and gas stations in the country, Agerpress reported.

Ciolacu and Interior Minister Catalin Predoiu visited the village of Crevedia, Dambovita County, where two explosions at an LPG station killed 3 people and injured 56.

According to initial information published by Romanian media, the company operating the gas station in Crevedia was deprived of a work permit three years ago.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu also said aid was being prepared for families whose homes were destroyed. Seven houses are affected. Four of the injured have already been sent for treatment abroad.

43 of the 56 people injured are firefighters, policemen and gendarmerie.The owner of the illegal gas station is the son of the mayor of the southern city of Caracal.

A Romanian news site reports that the first hypothesis for the explosion, on which investigators are working, is that the explosion was caused by a cigarette when transferring gas from one tank to another, BTA points out.

Yesterday, the Bulgarian Minister of Health, Prof. Hristo Hinkov, announced that Bulgaria is ready to accept 17 of the worst affected victims of the blasts.

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