UK Commits to Assisting Nigeria in Humanitarian Crises and Poverty Challenges

The United Kingdom has promised to support Nigeria’s Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation in its effort to reduce humanitarian crises and end poverty in the country.

The development director at the British High Commission in Abuja, Dr Christopher Pycrof, said during a visit to the minister of humanitarian affairs and poverty alleviation, Dr Betta Edu, in her office in Abuja, that the British government would provide any assistance that might be required for the ministry to succeed in its mandate.

A statement by the minister’s special adviser on media and publicity, Rasheed Olanrewaju Zubair, quoted the British director as saying; “I like to make it absolutely clear that the UK government will provide you support, we have a team which is focused both on the humanitarian side but also increasingly on the development side as well.

“So, we are looking to work to provide durable solutions and we should be able to reduce that sense of separation between the need to provide lifesaving humanitarian support on the one hand, and then the need to provide development support on the other.

“We see it as a holistic approach for people to be in humanitarian need for as little time as possible, to work with them to be able to achieve sustainable livelihoods durable solutions, and then development which benefits everybody here in Nigeria. We have a lot of expertise which I would make available to support the ministry.”

Dr Pycrof, who described the minister’s job as one of the most complicated jobs in government, commended Dr Edu for the manner she has so far piloted the affairs of the ministry, saying her passion and commitment would make a big difference.

“Not only have you got responsibility for dealing with the humanitarian situation, but then the poverty alleviation agenda means that you’re also going to be involved in financial issues, in health, agriculture, education, infrastructure and employment, etc. And you must coordinate from federal government with the state governments as well,” Pycrof said.

Dr. Edu in her response expressed gratitude to the UK government for the great support and partnership over the years, and expressed optimism that working together would birth a better result for Nigeria.

She said; “We are really very grateful to the UK for the continuous support. We are glad that you have committed to support the ministry, and we urgently require that support to make an impact.

“The ministry will work with other line ministries and state governments, local governments and development partners including great nations like yours to achieve the needed results.”

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