Rwanda: Morgan Freeman’s Documentary Features Rwanda’s Reconciliation Story

Renowned US actor and film maker Morgan Freeman recently released season one of his series ‘The Story Of Us’, that tackles some of the fundamental forces that drive humanity including love, freedom, peace, factionalism, power and rebellion.

Part of the series dubbed ‘mega episode’ shares the darkest period, Rwanda has ever experienced – The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which claimed over 1 million lives in just three months.

It describes how people have more in common with each other than what divides them. Released three weeks ago, on National Geographic YouTube channel, the series came at a time when Rwanda is commemorating the Genocide.

Freeman visited Rwanda in 2017 where he got a chance to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial (KGM) to learn about the Genocide against the Tutsi and Rwanda’s reconstruction efforts over the years.

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While there, the movie star spent half a day at the memorial filming for a documentary and meeting with survivors of the Genocide. He visited the mass graves where more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide are laid to rest, as well as the memorial gardens which provide guests the chance to reflect on what they have learned from their visit

In between the scenes, Freeman approached Rwanda’s part as he asked himself “how do we make this monumental transition from war to peace”? But if there is one place on earth that might serve as the test case, it’s Rwanda.”

In a conversation captured in an office setting, Freeman engages with the Rwandan president Paul Kagame. He also interacts with a genocide survivor and a perpetrator, all sharing insights on the path to reconciliation, sentiments echoed by the president.

Among those featured are Maria Izakariza, a genocide survivor, and Philbert Ntezirizaza, who was part of the group that killed Izakariza’s entire family, including her husband and children.

Ntezirizaza served his sentence and was later released, returning to the community where he and Izakariza reconciled, now living in peace.

This narrative reflects the choice of many Rwandans to eschew revenge and embrace peace.

The episode also shows old footage from the Genocide, revealing the grim reality of the atrocities across the country.

Throughout the series he ‘Going in Style’ actor takes viewers on a global journey, meeting with people from different cultures whose lives are shaped in surprising ways, exploring themes that unite us all.

In the series, Freeman delves into various stories, including those of Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean President Kim Jong Un. He engages with individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as a former slave contemplating fundamental rights and universal freedom. Other highlights include the story of Albert Wood Box, who spent most of his life in prison, as well as visits to the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia and encounters with different cultures.

The nearly 5-hour long film, produced by Revelations Entertainment, was posted on the National Geographic Society’s (NGS) platform. NGS, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations globally, known as a premier destination for exploration and adventure.

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