Survey Warns: In 2024, South African Youth Could Be the ‘Game Changers’

 Youth Could Be ‘Game Changers’ in 2024, Survey Warns,Despite low registration rates, South Africa’s youth could be the “wildcard” in next year’s elections, a recent survey reveals.

 According to the South African Voter Sentiment Report, less than 20% of 18-19-year-olds and only 40% of the 20-29 age group are registered, leaving nearly seven million potential voters under 30 untapped.

This group’s diverse perspectives and concerns make them a potential swing vote, with the power to sway the outcome. The Electoral Commission and others are working to boost youth registration, and despite low numbers, 70% of South Africans intend to vote in 2024.

Impala Platinum Mine Protest Unresolved as Over 2,000 Remain Underground

Over 2,000 Impala Platinum Mine workers remain underground in an ongoing protest sparked by a recent ownership change and concerns about employee benefits, reports TimesLIVE.

While some have returned to the surface, the majority remain, fueled by demands for immediate pension payouts, tax-free bonuses, and a revised profit-sharing scheme.

Implats is providing support for affected families and offering assistance to any wishing to leave the protest, but the company’s willingness to negotiate hasn’t yet yielded a resolution.

Man Loses R115,000 Dream Vacation After Travel Agency Allegedly Steals Money

Gerhard van den Berg’s dream 40th birthday Maldives vacation turned into a nightmare when Fourways travel agency Priority Escapes allegedly stole his R115,000 payment.

He meticulously planned and paid for the trip in stages, only to receive a “cease of trading” email just days before departure. He’s not alone, as dozens of others banded together, determined to recover their money from the agency’s director, Francois Swart.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Swart, who claims innocence and blames AfriForum for the pressure. The National Consumer Commission also found Priority Escapes in violation of the Consumer Protection Act. This case highlights the dangers of travel scams and underscores the importance of thorough research and consumer protection measures.

Western Cape Minister Condemns Farm Attack Resulting in Farmer’s Death

Western Cape Agriculture Minister Ivan Meyer strongly condemns the murder of 72-year-old farmer Willem van der Westhuizen and the assault on his wife, Christine, on their Van Ryhynsdorp farm, reports SABC News. Five masked men entered their home, resulting in Willem’s death and Christine’s serious injuries.

She escaped the next day seeking help. No arrests have been made. Meyer denounces these violent attacks on farmers and workers, highlighting how such criminality undermines economic growth and job creation in the agriculture sector.

Gauteng Braces for Wet Christmas as Thunderstorms Linger

Could Gauteng have a wet Christmas? Weather forecasters seem to believe so, reports The Citizen. Thunderstorms and downpours are expected to dampen festive cheer in the country’s interior until next week, with Gauteng facing an 80-60% chance of rain on the 25th.

Recent storms caused structural damage to healthcare facilities in Tshwane, with some flooding and roofs damaged. The Department of Health is assessing the extent of damage, but refurbishment timelines are uncertain due to the ongoing heavy rain forecasts. Tshwane Emergency Services advises vigilance due to rising risks of flooding as the ground becomes saturated.

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