Government forces entered the city of Elbur

Aug 25 ( – The forces of the country’s army and the local people entered the district of Elbur after three directions attacked the town of Eelbur in Galgaduud region.

Al-Shabaab fighters left the town of Elbur before the army entered.  The reports say that the forces that entered the district of Elbur detonated vehicles filled with explosives that were left inside the city.

The people living in Elbur district have completely fled, and the army of the city has now started search operations, and they entered Al Shabaab centers in that city.

The commander of the Somali forces, General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhidin, said that they have taken over Elbur district and are planning to take over Galhareeri district, which is the only district where al-Shabaab is in Galmudug state.

Elbur city was one of the cities that were held in the Indian Ocean operation during the previous term of President Hassan Sheikh who were part of AMISOM, and in March 2014, it was taken over by AMISOM forces and government forces.

However, the ASH group took over again in April 2017, when they left the AMISOM army in Ethiopia and the government army. It is worth noting that after 9 years of fighting in Elbur and other areas, only the SNA Army and the local people are cooperating.

The Somali army, with the support of local residents, has successfully entered the district of Elbur in the Galgaduud region after a series of attacks by al-Shabaab militants.

Prior to the army’s arrival, the al-Shabaab fighters had fled the town, leaving behind vehicles filled with explosives. These vehicles were subsequently detonated by the forces that entered Elbur.

As a result of the conflict, the people who were living in the Elbur district have been forced to flee their homes. The army has now commenced search operations in the area, focusing on targeting the al-Shabaab centers in the city.

Commander of the Somali forces, General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhidin, has announced that they have successfully taken control of the Elbur district and are now planning to seize the Galhareeri district, which is the only remaining district where al-Shabaab is active in the Galmudug state.

Elbur city had previously been under the control of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces during the term of former President Hassan Sheikh. However, in April 2017, al-Shabaab militants were able to regain control after the AMISOM army and the government forces withdrew from the area.

It is worth noting that the Somali National Army (SNA) and the local residents are the only entities currently cooperating in the fight against al-Shabaab in Elbur and other areas.

The recent victory in Elbur is a significant step in the ongoing efforts to combat al-Shabaab and restore peace and stability in the region. The successful operation demonstrates the growing capabilities and determination of the Somali army, as well as the support they are receiving from local communities.

However, it is important to remain cautious as the fight against al-Shabaab is far from over. The militants have proven to be resilient and have repeatedly regrouped after previous defeats. To ensure lasting security, it is crucial for the Somali government to continue strengthening its military capabilities, improving intelligence gathering, and addressing the root causes of extremism.

In addition, efforts to rebuild and provide assistance to the displaced residents of Elbur should also be prioritized. Providing essential services, such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure, will not only help to stabilize the area but also prevent the resurgence of extremist groups by addressing the grievances and vulnerabilities that make communities susceptible to radicalization.

The successful operation in Elbur serves as a reminder of the importance of international support and collaboration in the fight against terrorism.

The Somali government should continue to work closely with its international partners, including the African Union and the United Nations, to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive approach to combating al-Shabaab and promoting long-term peace and development in Somalia.

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