Nacala Clashes in Mozambique Result in Severe Injuries

Volent clashes between Frelimo and Renamo supporters in the northern port city of Nacala took place Saturday (7 September) The clashes, which began at about 10.00, resulted in six serious injuries.

Our correspondents and other local sources report that the clashes occured when the two motorcades crossed paths, at the Sonho Real traffic lights. The Frelimo motorcade was returnimng from Nacala International Airport, from the reception of President Filipe Nyusi, while the Renamo motorcade set off from the Renamo office, and was heading for the Indrissa Market.

The Renamo motorcade was surprised by Frelimo members who began to throw stones at them. This culminated in six injuries to supporters of Renamo. The police were present, but did not prevent the clash.

The problems began on the morning of the same day, when members of Frelimo took a Renamo member to the headquarters of the Nacala City Frelimo Committee, where he was beaten until he lost consciousness, despite the presence of the police. Later the police took this Renamo member to the Nacala district hospital. Criminal proceedings were opened against the victim who was beaten, but we have not been able to discover what he is being charged with.

According to Renamo election agent, Francisco Abudo, after he arrived at the hospital, there was no doctor available to treat the injured man.

Our correspondents went to the Frelimo Nacala office and the director of the Frelimo campaign confirmed the situation, but did not know whether there were any Frelimo members or supporters among the injured. He promised to make a statement in due course.

During the confrontation observers from the “Mais Integridade” (“More Integrity”) consortium (the coordinator and the supervisor) had their mobile phones seized and the Frelimo members deleted all the information that was on them.

Woman and Renamo list head attacked in Chókwè

After the campaign activities last Thursday, masked men attacked the Renamo head of list in Chokwe as he was going home in the company of three of his supporters. The Renamo men tore off the masks from the attackers which allowed them to identify one of them. They laid a complaint at the Chókwè district police command. The individual identified was immediately summoned to appear before the police on Friday. Criminal proceedings were opened, and the case will go to court.

Also in Chókwè, a woman was assaulted on the public highway, as she was going home). The woman recognised the youth and presented the case to the police. He is young member of the OJM (Frelimo youth wing) and staff of the water company ADRS (Águas da Região do Sul). The police summoned him to appear at the police station on Friday. When he did not turn up, the police issued a second summons for Saturday.

Provocation and violence in Massinga and Quissico

Renamo complains that one of its members was physically assaulted, in Kape-Kape neighbourhood in Massinga, Inhambane. He was beaten because he refused to allow Frelimo members to stick their posters on the door of his home.

Police avoided clashes between Renamo and Frelimo members in Massinga, during the visit of Renamo leader Ossufo Momade, Saturday (7 October). Frelimo members paraded near the Renamo office, and sang insulting songs. Momade lamented the incident and accused the police of favouring Frelimo.

Our correspondents in Massinga report the noteworthy absence of the police from the campaigns of the opposition parties. According to the Renamo delegate in Massinga, Armando Maquiquele, the case has been channelled to the police.

In Quissico, Inhambane, Frelimo members blocked the streets in the Quissico municipal market, to prevent a march by Renamo.

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