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Creativity starts with imagination

Creativity starts from imagination, and if we had not imagined, dreamed and fancied, we would not have realized all these achievements, and no human being would have been able to achieve all these inventions and innovations.

Left Behind: Deeply Broken Somalia 

Somalis and foreign partners hailed the peaceful transfer of power between the elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on May 23, 2022 following the conclusion of the most corrupt…

Strategic planning and youths in Somalia

The world is evolving with exceptional speed. That profoundly influences the lives of the world’s one billion youths, with 85% developing nations. Contemporary social and political development is activating changes in the social framework…

Women empowerment in Somalia

Women empowerment means guiding principles to strengthen women’s participation in social, political, and economic activities while delivering health quality services.

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